The ability to come up with new and innovative architectural ideas for an apartment is something several architects struggle with. An apartment design might be easy to put up but making your apartment design architecture distinct can be a challenge. Factors like designer’s block, pressures from the project, and others can affect a person’s creativity sometimes. A limited source of inspiration can also be an issue. 

Having a great apartment design architecture requires a lot of planning. There are a lot of things to consider that need careful and thorough consideration. The apartment design interior and apartment design exterior are among them. It should be something that matches the taste and needs of the desired occupant. 

Here we are looking at 5 distinct architectural concepts and ideas for apartment designs. Apartment designs that stand out regardless of time and place. 

  • The De Stijl Style:

This architectural design originated far back as about 100 years ago. It was from the Netherlands and came into existence after World War I. The style offers subtle design colors and forms. A form of pure abstraction, which is what dominates the apartment design architecture in this style. 

Most buildings using this apartment design architecture don’t use so many colors. They stick more to white, black, and the primary colors. This provides a margin of freedom to the interior decorators. 

Buildings with the De Stijl style have a rectangular shape that intersects at some different points. This gives way to a pure abstract appearance.

  • Mediterranean Revival:

This style borrows a lot from the renaissance architectural style that blossomed in Italy and Spain. It came into the United States in the era of colonial design. The Mediterranean revival style features rectangular floor plans, stucco walls, and arched windows. Its windows provide a huge amount of sunlight. 

Proven to be one of the most popular, yet distinctive architectural designs in the U.S. 

  • Tudor:

This is one of the oldest and still beautiful apartment designs. Originating from England around the 16th century, this apartment is famous for two apartment designs. Another is its interior and apartment design exterior features. The chimney stacks and the fireplaces. The fireplaces act as an artificial heat source. 

Its greatest popularity was within the 1970s and 1980s but still hasn’t gone off yet. It is still used in some major cities of the world today most especially the high-density urban areas. Another distinct feature of this apartment design is the large-spaced windows. It also has stucco infills on the exterior walls and herringbone brickwork.

  • The Colonial Style:

This style was famous in rural areas and eastern seaboard cities. This was because settlers from Europe preferred living in homes with the resemblance and design of their former homes. This dates far back to the 17th century. This apartment design architecture uses styles from The Netherlands, Italy, and Spain. This apartment design is available in most states in the U.S but its interpretations vary. 

For instance, in the Midwest, colonial-style architecture is often made of stones and bricks. The same isn’t the case in New England. In New England, you find more wooden constructions. 

This apartment design rises to about two stories. One of its most defining design features remains its stairs. It has a central chimney on its steep roof which pumps in warm air to all apartments.

  • Craftsman Style:

The craftsman style came into existence in the 19th century. A group of architects in Boston came up with what was later transformed into the craftsman architectural style. It does reference some of the design principles of the crafts movement and the English Arts. Regardless, the craftsman apartment design architecture is somewhat new. 

This apartment design focuses more on the use of local materials. It uses them to improve sustainability. It also provides a simple design that offers limitless interior design options. This style gives a great apartment design interior and a great apartment design exterior as well. 

This architecture is often located in major cities and suburban areas. It is common in two-flat apartments. Craftsman architecture is great for an apartment design thanks to its low ceilings and open floor plans. Its built-in cabinet is an advantage as well and helps maximize storage space.


The apartment design architecture you use matters so much because every piece and detail is important. You want an apartment design that would not limit your decorative abilities. This means your apartment design interior should offer limitless decoration options. The apartment design exterior is not left out either.

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If you want architectural concepts and ideas that stand out and are flexible, then these should be your pick.