You probably are thinking that starting a home gym is impossible; practically, it’s not. Before you even consider investing in a treadmill, yoga mat, or free weights, you probably should figure out the kind of exercise you wish to do. Other important aspects to consider are the types of sports equipment to have and the amount of space you need for your gym.

The advantage of having a home gym is that it gives you the motivation to exercise in pandemic conditions. If you don’t have a dedicated workroom set aside, you don’t need to fret. Every part of your basement or garage will work out for different types of exercises.

Find Your Ideal Space 

If you’re figuring out types of equipment to use, the gym space they are going to occupy should also be a priority. Weights are bound to take more space than gym equipment such as a treadmill. So, if you have limited space in your gym, you should settle for workouts that don’t require much space.

A great start is classic gym exercises such as lunges, squats, and pushups that don’t need much space but produce great results.

gym space

Know the Items Needed

The type of gym accessories and tools needed will vary depending on the kind of workout you wish to accomplish. To ensure that your gym and fitness routine yield the desired results, you should make a list of the essential items to have.

Some of the handy tools include exercise balls, resistant bands, yoga blocks, yoga mats, and exercise bikes. If the top of your priority is building muscle kettlebells and free weights can utilize most of your space.

Invest in Storage Items

Once you have figured out the type of items you’ll need in your gym, a storage item should be the next item on your checklist. If you have media systems and accessories, jump ropes, or a weight rack, consider having storage or shelving cabinets. When using a multipurpose space, hide workout gear inside a closet, or in storage ottomans.

Check on Your Lighting

Regardless of the gym design, you settle for, never overlook the importance of proper lighting. While your basement gym might have enough natural light consider having additional artificial lighting for nighttime/evening, early mornings, and low-light days. Whether in your gym or home, installing a dimmer on ceiling fixture is a great way to create an atmosphere suitable for low-impact exercises such as Pilates or yoga.

What Are Your Flooring Options?

Many gym enthusiasts prefer rubber gym flooring because it’s not just forgiving but softens the impact of joints. The only downside is that it’s less aesthetically pleasing in a home environment. Some prefer installing green, sustainable, low-VOC emitting gym carpets over the rubber option because it maintains the floor’s flexibility.

Compared to rubber, this type of flooring has less odor and adds visual appeal, softness, and warmth.

Keep the Temperatures Right 

For many workout enthusiasts, the gym is life. This notion is, however, not possible if the gym environment isn’t conducive for workout sessions. Ensure that your gym always has the appropriate temperature for working out so that you can comfortably perform your routine.

If you don’t have a central air-cooling system, you should invest in fans or space heaters, depending on the season.

Invest in a Mirror

Regardless of the section of your house, you wish to convert into a gym, make sure that you invest in a mirror. Suppose floor to ceiling mirrors are way above your budget stack closet mirrors next to each other to create the same effect. Besides helping you check your form, they make the room look bigger, especially if you are working on small gym spaces.

Take Safety Seriously

If you want to know why the gym is good for you, you never should compromise on safety during a workout. When building your gym, make sure that it allows for the safety of all exercises. If there is enough space between equipment, it reduces injuries and accidents, primarily when operating gym machines.

Ensure that large equipment such as a treadmill has a wider berth and give the smaller equipment less space.

Start Your Home Gym the Right Way!

Many aspects go into getting your home gym off the ground. You probably will not get the success you need if you don’t stop to do a little research on everything you need for success. Once you have a proper plan, you rest assured of conducting your workout sessions with a peace of mind.

Have you just started a home gym recently? What are some of the shortcomings and benefits of setting one at home? Share your thoughts, questions, and suggestions on the comment section below.