Our home is our fortress. In it, we feel protected and free in our actions. However, even the best houses, built according to modern standards, cannot always provide the owner of the apartment with the necessary noise insulation. No matter how sad it is, you often have to listen to the noise from behind the wall, whether it’s a neighbor’s TV or loud conversations. Today, your own home is not only a guarantee of security but also a place where you can isolate yourself from the noise and bustle of the city, and here comes acoustic panels.

Previously, we tried to dress the apartment in carpets and furnish it with bulky furniture to create at least the slightest screen of noise insulation. While this method allowed you to drown out the noise, however, you could not get rid of them. Nowadays, everything is much easier because the world market is saturated with a variety of materials that allow you to create complete sound insulation in an apartment, house, or office.

To increase the level of comfort of housing and to isolate yourself as much as possible from extraneous noise, it is possible to use various types of sound insulation panels. Acoustic panels absorb excessive sound pressure in the room and thus create the most favorable environment without extraneous noise.

What are acoustic panels?

Sound-absorbing decorative panels are a multi-layer construction. It should be reminded that any sound is a wave that passes through obstacles, gradually wasting its energy. In the case of an acoustic panel, it looks like this:

The first layer is made of dense material. To penetrate deep into the structure, the sound wave spends most of its energy. Thus losing its power many times already at this stage.

In the second stage, the sound waves meet an obstacle in the form of a porous or fibrous material. The sound dissipates and loses its energy potential.

The third layer is a rigid partition, thanks to which the sound wave finally dies when it collides with a solid array of obstacles.

Sound-proof panel structure

The panels are structurally made as a sandwich based on fiberglass or mineral wool. The loud sound is repeatedly reflected from all surfaces and repeated until it completely loses its power. The acoustic panel thanks to its material captures the sound and absorbs noise, does not allow it to spread. The sound will not leave the room, and will not enter from the outside.

To make the panels, various modern materials are used, as well as products that have long been widely used in construction. What are the main functions of sound-absorbing slabs for walls and ceilings?

Sound insulation. This is of course the primary sound-absorbing function of these panels. With their help, it is possible to significantly reduce the noise factor.
Light reflection. Another feature that you should pay attention to, especially when choosing a ceiling sound-absorbing panel. The average light reflection coefficient is about 50-70%.
Moisture resistance. Be sure to choose sound-absorbing plates with high moisture resistance. Since their structure is porous, it is necessary to avoid excessive humidity.
Thermal insulation. Acoustic plates perfectly retain heat in the room, thanks to the peculiarities of their material.

As you can see, in addition to sound absorption, the acoustic stove also has an excellent heat preservation function, which is also important in the consumer environment. To correctly select the necessary sound insulation panels, it is best to seek the help of specialists. They will measure the noise level in the room and tell you exactly what kind of panels you need. Many nuances and factors affect the final choice.

In addition, the market of materials for noise insulation does not stand still but is constantly expanding. There are more and more new players who are worthy of attention. Here are some of the innovative solutions:

HERADESIGN acoustic panels made of wood fiber

Heradesign Acoustic panels made of wood fibers combine a wealth of design options and remarkable acoustic comfort. Thanks to these qualities, they inspire architects, designers, and developers all over the world and find applications in the most unusual places. For instance, they include sports complexes, cinemas, offices, restaurants, premises for various events. Regardless of the field of application, acoustic boards made of wood fiber on a magnesite binder impress with their outstanding properties in terms of sound absorption, ecology, and wear resistance.

  • Effective sound absorption
  • Eco-friendly material
  • High mechanical strength
  • Variety of design solutions
  • Fire Resistance
  • Durability
  • Certified products
  • Ease of use

SONASPRAY spray coating based on cellulose

The use of Sonaspray coatings is to reduce the reverberation time and reduce the noise level in public and entertainment areas. The main component of Sonaspray is from cellulose fibers. This is because they are harmless to breathe and do not cause allergies, which makes them environmentally friendly.

Sonaspray coating technology also gives them many advantages over conventional sound-absorbing plates. The finished Sonaspray coating is created by applying (spraying) cellulose flakes impregnated with glue to the selected surface. Acoustic spraying is also carried out with the help of specialized equipment. For instance,  the pulp flakes are fed by airflow from the installation container to the spray gun, where they are mixed with the glue and applied to the surface to be treated (wall, ceiling, etc.). This technology allows you to obtain a seamless acoustic coating on the surface of any shape, as well as to carry out fragmentary processing of selected areas. In comparison with sound-absorbing plates of the Ecophon type, this makes it possible to find non-standard design solutions, organically fitting acoustic coverings into the existing interior.

  • Reduce noise, reduce reverberation and reverberation time
  • Applied to any surface without restriction in shape and height
  • High spray performance
  • Environmentally friendly and non-flammable
  • Have thermal insulation and anti-corrosion properties, is not subject to rotting

DECOUSTIC Acoustic Perforated Panels

DECOUSTIC Acoustic Perforated Panels

DECOUSTIC PANEL is a new domestic development. In this panel, there is the use of the most advanced woodworking technologies and high-quality imported raw materials.

The panels are processed on the new Austrian FELDER Profit-H10 equipment using diamond tools, where the workpiece is not only perforated and cut, but also milled on two sides. As a result,  this allows you to mount panels without seams with invisible joints.

  • Seamless installation technology, no joints visible scratch-
  • Resistant, impact-resistant
  • Reliable spike edge (often breaks in conventional MDF panels) dimensional
  • Stability in a wide climatic range
  • Eco-friendly and fire-proof

Decor Acoustic acoustic panels made of veneered MDF

Decor Acoustic acoustic panels are the main component of a decorative wall and ceiling decoration system. This is because they absorb sound energy and provide a high degree of acoustic comfort in rooms of various purposes. In addition to high acoustic efficiency, the Decor Acoustic panel system allows you to perform decorative finishing of rooms at the highest aesthetic level.

  • The natural veneer of all breeds
  • Impeccable Israeli quality and individual approach
  • Seamless installation technology, no joints visible
  • Various edges for ceiling panels
  • Ready-made mounting system and accessories in stock


Mappysil CR

Acoustic finishing with soft slabs made of polyurethane foam MAPPYSIL has traditionally been a success in creating home music studios as their Installation is very easy. It is also possible to perform after finishing, which is very convenient in domestic conditions. Different surface reliefs and thicknesses also allow you to get the desired appearance and the desired acoustic effect.

  • The plates meet high hygienic requirements and are not dangerous for breathing
  • Provide the effect of a comfortable “muffling” of the room even when finishing all its surfaces with Plates the
  • Original surface relief

Rigiton air

Rigiton air

The system of suspended ceilings Rigiton primarily includes large-format perforated sound-absorbing sheets on a gypsum basis. Their manufacturing uses a technology similar to the technology of manufacturing large-format sheets Gyptone Big. The sheets are also installed on closed frames made of ceiling profiles with appropriate accessories. The system also includes a special putty for the joints of the Gyproc Vario. Installation of the system is carried out using a specialized tool.

  • Seamless unique design
  • Optimal sound absorption and improved speech recognition in the premises
  • Environmental cleanliness
  • Maintainability
  • Strength and durability

Knauf danoline

Knauf danoline

Acoustic suspended ceilings and plasterboard wall panels KNAUF-DANOLINE eco-friendly acoustic panels provide an excellent acoustic environment. For instance,  they provide a cleaner, pleasant light reflection, modern design, and long service life. Therefore, with the help of KNAUF-DANOLINE acoustic plates, you can choose acoustic solutions that will meet the required reverberation time. For instance, depending on the ceiling design and the perforation design, the sound absorption can reach up to 90%.

  • Environmental safety
  • Variety of connection edges and mounting methods
  • Fast installation and easy access to communications
  • Multiple painting cycles without loss of acoustic properties
  • Easy maintenance and maintenance



Alicia Burmeister is a green energy expert. Together with her husband, she reconstructed the heating and electricity systems in their house from traditional to recreational. She is also a contributor to coursework writing service.