Every year, certain interior design trends create enough buzz and the architectural community is enthused for a while. 2017 brought some of the most exciting design ideas and these designs enjoyed our unbridled attention. Notwithstanding, some of these trends have made way for new ones and we have brought you the anticipated interior design trends for 2018.

interior design trends - in California

This year promises to bring back some aesthetic features of old and some interior designs which were, before now, seen as archaic. This list features the insight of several industry veterans and practicing professionals. If you follow closely, you might spot home interior design ideas which will change the outlook of your home. You might, however, be surprised at some of the trends.

Most Anticipated Interior Design Trends in 2018

Bold colors

In 2018, there’s no standing on the fence. You either go bold or you go home. Home interior designs will see a paradigm shift from neutral palettes to strong and vibrant colors.  The colors you should expect to see include red, strong blue, and vibrant green.

interior design trends - bold color

This does not, however, imply that neutral palettes will be automatically phased out. They might just assume a background position in the scheme of things. To join the trend, feel free to go bold with pieces of furniture, rugs, pillows, and blankets. You are also allowed to infuse certain neutral colors subtly.

Bold color-interior design

Vintage accessories

Interior design trends seek to aptly express certain values and virtues of old. When you give vintage accessories a chance in 2018, you are lending your voice to the preservation of history. You can choose to execute a total home renovation or not. By simply infusing books, relics, art, etc., you are being a part of this interior design trend.

interior design 2018- California - accessories

There are several sources of inspiration for this idea to flourish. The impact of social media, most especially, feeds this inspiration and drive. One advantage of vintage accessories is the freedom you get to be creative. You are free to carry out research to know the era which suits you best in order to accurately reflect your persona.


Darker and mixed finishes

2017 saw us embrace this interior design trend wholeheartedly. This year would even bring about an increased affection for this sleek finish. One reason for this would be its versatility. They can be employed in the kitchen, bathroom, cabinet hardware, furniture, virtually everywhere. Also, there’s a variety of elements available for use. Copper, brass, bronze, gold, and black are all perfect!

Dark wall - interior design

When mixing metals for a particular finish, do not forget to select one dominant metal which will serve as the principal finish while others accentuate this particular element. Also, this process demands care and attention so as not to create an incongruent home interior design finish.

Wide-plank woods

The world is tending towards interior design trends with wider planks and this idea is tipped to explode in 2018. Traditional plank designs are being phased out gradually and it is just a matter of time before wide-plank woods become the in-thing.

Wide-plank woods - design

One advantage of this home interior design is the rustic look it brings. You will realize that 5-inch wide planks, when integrated into a structural design, gives off a more vintage outlook. The aesthetics of this interior design brings are very representative of historical relics and so, bring back good memories. Perhaps, 2018 has more in stock to unravel.

“Aspirational” spaces

Based on the forecast by industry experts, this is one interior design trend you cannot afford to overlook in 2018. Naturally, a home interior design should make the owners feel at home, not otherwise.

“Aspirational” spaces - interior design

People should have a sense of belonging in their personal space. Even though that interior design on the TV screen is alluring, it isn’t tailored! Imagine wearing a beautiful Dolce Shoe on the wrong foot. Or worse, the wrong size. This is what people would love to avoid when skimming through home interior design for their renovations.

“Aspirational” spaces

Aspirational spaces are perfect to express this creative freedom people seek. This trend in itself is a paradox. The trend is that people no longer aim to follow trends or status quo. They are saying no to laid-down styles and convention. They want a home interior design which is truly theirs.


As usual, we have interior design trends to anticipate this year. Feel free to be the first to implement some of these interior design ideas in your environment. Become a proponent of bold and vibrant colors. Embrace dark finishes. Take up wide-plank woods and vintage accessories. Above all, make your space your space! Don’t forget to share the secret with your peers and family.