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Category: School design

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    Top Tips For Setting Up a Training Room

    Whether you’ve been called upon to train your colleagues on the new computer system, or you are setting up a mini lecture in a workplace that you are a guest at, there are some key things you need to remember when designing the room itself. A training room or...

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    Wood Frame Constructions – Learning Its Basics

      Wood frame construction is a popular way for building most residential structures. Framing contractors choose this construction style because it is easy to work with and robust. Its eco-friendly features make it a sustainable option for your construction projects. This low-cost framing method can go a long way...

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    School Buildings Design Trends 2022

      School buildings are among the most challenging structures to design. While they need to be functional, they also need to spark creativity, peace, and a sense of belonging. Engineers and architects always struggle to find the perfect balance between these characteristics. But, over time, some design trends emerge...

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