School buildings are among the most challenging structures to design. While they need to be functional, they also need to spark creativity, peace, and a sense of belonging. Engineers and architects always struggle to find the perfect balance between these characteristics. But, over time, some design trends emerge and become rather evident in the new school buildings around you. Here are some of the most popular trends in school building design for 2022. 

1. Expect Eco-Everything

The focus on eco-friendly designs has been rising everywhere. Like homes and office spaces, schools are looking to add more environmentally-sustainable systems. They’re also looking for ways to bring nature to the campus. 

Expect to see more vertical gardens increasingly used to teach kids how to care for plants and produce. We’ll be seeing more green roofing, rain gardens, and pollination gardens in schools. 

Not only will this make the building greener, but schools can also use the opportunity to teach children about environmentally-friendly practices. 

2. Natural Lighting

Lighting in schools is one of the most important details when designing a building. Most classrooms have traditional lightbulbs, but design trends in 2022 are looking for ways to incorporate more natural lighting into the design. This will lower energy use and make the structure more modern. 

School buildings will feature more significant and more prominent windows. Therefore, expect to see classrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and libraries surrounded by window walls. 

3. Flexibility

The classroom is changing. With digital learning and remote classes, classrooms are about to receive a significant makeover. In 2022, school building design trends will consider this while designing classrooms. 

Most people expect to see more diverse rooms with open spaces and mobility. This means open-floor areas that can be used in different positions and styles to create an educational environment. Classrooms and other rooms will be designed to foster collaboration and group work. 

4. Technology First

It’s not surprising that in 2022, technology will be at the front of school design. It can be as simple as including more smart outlets, making it easier to access Wi-Fi in classrooms, and even making structural changes to make spaces blend with technology. The design will focus heavily on making rooms accessible for all students, including those who need special accommodations for learning. 

In 2022, schools can expect designs that blend technology, flexibility, and rooms that deliver a well-balanced experience for students, teachers, and administrative staff. Modular designs are a good option and a growing trend for building modern schools.


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