When you’ve just moved into a new condo or apartment, one of your main concerns should be your condo security. Therefore, the first thing you should ask yourself should be: how secure will I be against intruders? Not only when I’m out for long periods, but also when I’m at home. While a concierge or security guard is a valuable line of defense, if your building doesn’t have one, it’s essential to think about preventing intruders.

Keep in mind that most burglars are looking for easy accessibility, and want to exit fast, so there are plenty of measures you can take for your condo security to deter them. Here are 6 ways to start:

Replace your locks

This is your number one priority. You don’t know who’s been able to make copies of the existing set of keys in the past – not necessarily the previous owner, but contractors who’ve had access even years earlier. You need to know that no one has keys to your condo except you and the people you trust.

Reinforce your doors

Deter potential intruders and slow them down by installing deadbolts with a strike plate on your door.  This will make it difficult for them to simply kick it open.  You could also upgrade to a smart lock with an auto-lock feature. This ensures that you never accidentally leave your door unlocked and make your apartment vulnerable.

Install an alarm system

A doorbell video camera your home secure and deter burglars who prefer an easy target. When looking at alarms for your home it’s worthwhile investing in one that’s monitored. With the emergency services stretched to the limit these days, it’s good to know that your security company purpose would respond immediately to inform you of any potential invasion and ensure you and your family are safe.  To enhance your condo security, ensure you choose a reputable contractor who’ll be able to assess any challenges in terms of positioning and install the system for the greatest protection

Don’t reveal your location

This is a simple precaution, but it’s amazing how many people neglect it. Never place an identifying tag on your keyring; otherwise, they’ll provide an open invitation to anyone with bad intentions to pick them up, pass by and help themselves to your belongings.

Conceal your valuables

If you keep a lot of valuables at home, a sturdy built-in safe will help to protect them. If this isn’t an option, at least choose unexpected places to hide jewelry, cash, and other items: burglars typically go for items in plain sight, or in places, they’re expected to be. They prefer things they can easily carry away with them. Therefore, don’t forget that high-end phones and laptops are also attractive.

Keep them guessing

Professional burglars prefer to enter properties when there’s no risk of bumping into angry homeowners who may be ready to defend themselves and their property. That’s why they may monitor your condo from outside, to assess when it’s most likely to be unoccupied. Keep them guessing by putting timers on your light switches, and even have automatic shutters on your blinds. This way they’ll feel unsure about what they’ll find, and likely move in search of an easier target.