A huge number of buildings constructed in recent times are mixed-use buildings. A lot of people spend their time in a mixed-use building without knowing that’s what it is. The concept of a mixed-use building might be old but still, the industrial age has played a role in it.

The industrial age is responsible for a stricter division between working and living spaces. Also, the trend of traveling long distances for leisure or work purposes. The need for commercial and residential mixed-use designs has sprung up thanks to stressful times such as these. 

Traveling long distances to work or leisure places is now uninviting. Everyone wants a place that is close to their residential space. Easy to get to without any hassle. The farther is it, the less inviting it is. 

In recent times, a lot of developers and companies now buy into the idea of mixed-use development. Some cooperations convert their office spaces into mixed-use buildings. Others sort for construction documents for mixed-use buildings to enable them to build one. This is because there is a lot to enjoy from mixed-use development. 

Construction Documents

Regardless of the building or structure, securing construction documents is always vital. Construction documents are graphic, written, and pictorial documents. They describe and communicate the design and location of a building. They also describe the physical characteristics of the necessary elements you need to get a permit and administer a contract. 

Construction documents for a mixed-use building also show the size, relative locations, and sections of the structural member. This includes column centers, floor levels, design loads, and offsets. It contains other information relevant to the commercial or residential mixed-use design. If you want great construction documents, our experts at S3DA design firm are always on hand to help. 

Construction documents do not only act as legal documents you need for a successful project. They also help create accurate coordination between the client and the contractor. These documents consist of drawings, calculations, and building specifications. Every other thing you need to show compliance with the governing building code is in the construction documents. 

What Makes Up the Construction Document for Mixed-use Buildings?

Here are a few components that you can find in the construction documents for a mixed-use building:

  • Drawings:

The drawings of any project help in coordination and planning as well. Without it, it’s as good as flying an airplane with a blindfold on. The architectural and structural drawings must be well coordinated and on regular basis. 

  • Material Properties:

The properties of the materials used in the construction of a project need to be specified in the construction document for mixed-use buildings. For instance, the specified compression strength of all the concrete mixtures used in the structure at different stages. Also, the construction stages for each part of the building or structure are designed.  

The specified grade or strength of all the reinforcements used in the project should be in the construction document. 

  • Design Loads:

According to the International Building Code (IBC) 1603, the following design loads and information should be in the construction documents;

  • Wind design data.
  • Special loads.
  • Earthquake design data.
  • Roof live load.
  • Floor live load. 
  • Floor design data. 
  • Roof snow load data.
  • Geotechnical Information:

This is the information that describes the information on the ground. The ground through which the construction project will pass. This consist of things like the soil type, groundwater conditions, and the presence or absence of rocks. It should also include information on other existing installations around the area if any. 

  • Other Vital Data:

Other data can be in the construction document for mixed-used buildings as long as they are necessary. Things like concrete mixtures, formwork and formwork accessories, lightweight concrete, mass concrete, etc. As long as it is important, you can add them to the construction document. 

Final Thoughts:

Construction documents are necessary for any building project. Without them, it is quite impossible to begin your commercial or residential mixed-use design. 

The benefits of a mixed-use building in any community are immense. Having many of them brings so much benefit not only to the developer but also to the occupants and the city. It lowers infrastructure costs and increases economic vitality. It also fosters a healthier walkable community and promotes social interaction. 

Plan to develop a mixed-use building? You will need accurate construction documentation. S3DA design firm happens to be the best at providing an end-to-end solution for your construction document needs. Serving developers, homebuilders, and the lot with world-class services. You can always contact us for more.