New year, new trend- especially in the world of architecture and interior design. People nowadays are invested in replicating their homes into instagrammable interior layouts. This coming year, plans are getting more comfortable and convenient with current home design trends that go beyond some old trends that make a comeback. With these different choices and inspirations, you’ll not only be able to create a home that is fashion-forward but will also remain in style for many years to come.

Here are some of the home design trends you should look out for this 2022:

  1. Work From Home Themed

The trend towards creating a productive space in working from home started in 2020 because of the pandemic. This design offers insight into recreating a room for those working from the comforts of their homes. The aim is to make the available space work for you. You can consider installing fire-rated garbage access panels in your home office to maintain functionality, practicality, and aesthetics.

  1. Different Shades of Green

In 2022 home decor trends, different shades of green are inspired by the consumer’s love for nature-based or biophilic designs. During the pandemic, our connection to nature and the world around us has never been more important.

Marianne Shillingford, the creative director of Dulux, says, “After being so indoors for so long, we have come to admire the power of nature to uplift and revitalize us. Color-wise we are throwing open the doors and windows and inviting every shade of nature in for tea.” Searches for green interior inspiration on the Pinterest increase by 80 percent this year as we embrace the abundance of nature-inspired green tones.

  1. Multifunctional Spaces

Single-use spaces seem to be dwindling in the upcoming years. Considering architectural strides and design, experts expect interior design trends in 2022 to feature practical ideas with multifunctional rooms. With clean and innovative room-dividing strategies, you can make the most of every space. Shelving, platforms, and ladders can open various doors and even function as room dividers.

  1. Zen Interiors

Zen Interior design

Promoting sustainable living in interiors serves a dual purpose. In addition, it can also elevate the unique, ingenious, and environmentally-friendly design. This movement can encourage others to look to ecological alternatives for their own homes. Moreover, it can promote and reflect a clear and undistracted mind. Lightwood, floating surfaces, and clean lines can help set the tone for a more zen-living approach. This design also promotes a less-is-more approach while keeping organic and natural decorations. As an example, designers often include plants for a calming aesthetic.

  1. Minimalism

When minimalism is done right, it can enhance the area’s livability despite incorporating fewer designs. Highlighting the central purpose of a site makes it easier for you to focus on basic chores and needs.

Decluttering should be a core habit in space or home. To successfully achieve a more straightforward look, you can try sticking to one or two primary materials for furniture, like steel or wood, and limit other designs. You can also introduce visual interest through different textures and contrasting surfaces.

  1. Comeback of Vintage Design

Vintage design

According to experts, vintage furniture is here to make a huge comeback. Castro states that vintage furniture will surely come back as the design industry is leaning toward a more sustainable decorating home.

  1. Japandi Style

Japandi Style

One of the more widespread design trends of 2022 is the Japandi design. A mixture of Scandinavian-Japanese interior design inspires this aesthetic, according to Harris. This design is also minimalistic, and it brings a lot of natural elements into a space with a muted palette, natural light, plants, and clean, simple lines.

  1. Colorful Kitchen

Colorful Kitchen

According to Claire O’Brien, Head of Design at Splashback, “Bright and optimistic color combinations throughout the home will become more appealing.” Kitchens are no longer limited to neutrals, blues, or greens. Kitchen designers are introducing multiple shades to cabinets, differentiating from high and low-level furniture and kitchen islands. For a more confident look, colored cabinets are alternated in the shade, creating a modern and playful space.

  1. Curved Furniture

curved furniture

A design publication noted that “Decorations and pieces of furniture with softer edges are both forgiving and feminine.” These types of furniture can complement angled pieces more while giving a romantic aesthetic to a room. Rounded furniture is another heirloom from the modern era that has a comeback.

  1. Herringbone Makes a Comeback

Herringbone Tile

Designers are very excited about returning the herringbone pattern for flooring, first seen in the Roman Empire. This decoration is also one of the most timeless art designs. Decorilla stated that “Herringbone floor is a replay of the hottest home design trends of the modern era.”

There are still many new aesthetic designs you should look out for this 2022. Therefore, if you’re thinking of redecorating your place, make sure you prioritize comfortability, convenience, and cost.


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