Plumbing upgrades are essential for every home. When individuals are innovating and updating their homes, they often skip the plumbing part. They focus on things like adding a new coat of paint, changing the flooring, and upgrading windows. The part that they overlook (plumbing) costs them in the long run because they lose potential future buyers looking for something better.

For your home to attract realtors like those from, who will help you find buyers if you want to sell your property, you mustn’t forget to upgrade your plumbing fixtures. They increase your home’s value, making it easy to convince a buyer to purchase it.

To gain a further understanding of how plumbing upgrades affect your home value, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Improves Your Home’s Appearance

One reason people work is to have a better life than the one they’re currently living. In this regard, everyone strives to drive a better car and live in a beautiful space. Upgrading your plumbing fixtures is one way to make your house eye-catching for a prospective buyer. They give your home an updated and fresh look.

Some of the plumping upgrades that you’d want to try to improve your home’s aesthetics include the following:

  • Modern, Updated Units:

    The styles and designs of different fixtures in a house change as years go by. A style that was popular three years ago may be different from the current trend because of modern advancements in technology. 

So, when renovating your home, it’s essential to replace the old fixtures with fashionable and up-to-date ones. You can hire a professional to advise you on modern trends for a pocket-friendly budget. Consider doing the following:

  • Installing new faucets
  • Having modern water handles
  • Upgrading your sinks
  • Getting modern toilets with the following features:
    • Heated seats
    • Voice control chip
    • Hand grips to assist an individual in sitting and standing
    • Water jets
  • Plumbing Fixtures That Match Your Theme:

    It’s crucial to ensure that your bathroom and kitchen fixtures match your interior theme. You may prefer a consistent theme or combine different ones. Whichever your choice is, ensure the fixtures blend perfectly to attract potential buyers. You can consult an expert in interior design to guide you on the best fixtures that match your theme.

Upgrading your plumbing units can make a dull room look breathtaking and fancy and increase convenience. New plumbing fixtures can bring a fresh and modern touch to the bathroom or kitchen, elevating its appearance and making it more attractive to potential buyers. 

Furthermore, updated plumbing can improve water flow, increase water pressure, and eliminate leaks, making the space more convenient and efficient to use. High-quality, new plumbing units can provide a much-needed boost to the overall look and feel of the room, while also providing practical benefits to the user.

  1. Increases Your Home’s Marketability

Plumbing upgrades make your property more attractive to many customers, giving it a good deal when selling your house. Doing the following makes your home easier to sell and more outstanding compared to others on the market:

  • Ensuring That Your Drains And Pipes Are In Good Condition:

    When you have old pipes, there’s a high probability that they’ll crack, start leaking, clog, or get rusty sooner or later. This can reduce the efficiency of the bathroom or kitchen and cause issues like:

    • Damage to electrical appliances
    • Water supply impurities
    • Low water pressure

So, for your prospective buyer to be confident when purchasing your home, you need to show them that your pipes are up-to-date and well taken care of. They need to see a blockage-free and well-functioning plumbing system to make the selling process more convenient. To achieve this, you can hire a plumbing specialist who takes care of all the plumbing problems in your home.

  • Adding A Dishwasher To Your Kitchen:

    Many old homes don’t have dishwashers. Others may have more than one kitchen but only one dishwasher. In such a case, adding a dishwasher to the main kitchen and other kitchenettes would be best. If the kitchen doesn’t have a dishwasher, you’d want to install one.

If you already have an old dishwasher, replacing it with a new one would be best to boost your home’s value. The beauty of having a new dishwasher in the house is that it helps save time in washing the dishes, a chore that can be tiresome. Also, dishwashers use less water and soap when cleaning dishes, thus reducing your monthly water bills.

  • Adding Or Replacing Kitchen Appliances:

    According to research, many homeowners, especially cooking enthusiasts, spend at least one hour in the kitchen. For your prospective buyers who love to cook, you’d want to add new appliances or replace ones that may be old. Some of them include the following:

    • Built-in-cooker
    • Ice maker
    • Refrigerator
    • Garbage disposal system
    • Water filtration system

Investing time and effort into upgrading appliances, even if you don’t plan to use them in the long term, can lead to future benefits. Quality appliances will help increase your home’s value, quickly attracting potential buyers.

  1. Boosts Your Home’s Functionality

Plumbing upgrades help improve the functionality of your bathroom and kitchen. Moreover, it’ll take a while before you need to do any repairs in the future after doing the updates. Some of the fixtures that improve your home’s functionality are as follows:

  • Double Sinks:

    Many prefer to have double sinks and other bathroom vanities. Installing double vanity tops with separate sinks can enhance the functionality of a bathroom, providing individual space for each user and avoiding conflicts over shared sink space, particularly for families with children.

You don’t have to do the entire bathroom. The only thing you have to do is to get the double basin cut-out top to replace the single vanity top. The plumber will do the installation and also handle the diversion of the water line.

  • Additional Bathroom:

    To enhance your home functionality, it’s also a good idea to build another full or half-luxury bathroom. This upgrade is among the top upgrades that can bring you many customers when you’re planning to sell your house. Upgrades that your structural engineer can help you add to your new bathrooms are:

    • Heated flooring
    • Jetted tubs
    • Mirrors
    • Showers

You don’t have to build an additional full bathroom for your space to be functional; even a half-luxury bathroom with a sink, vanity, and toilet can serve the same purpose. It can help save time if you have guests in your house.

Now that you have an idea of plumbing upgrades that can improve your home’s functionality, why not try them today?

  1. Enhances Efficiency

There’s a high probability that your old plumbing units are inefficient and consume more water than necessary. Many home buyers are looking for environmentally friendly homes with sustainable plumbing options. They want to reduce the overall energy and water bills they pay each month.

Therefore, they’re likely looking for water-efficient, updated shower heads and low-flow faucets to increase efficiency. For this reason, it’d be wise to change your water tanks and fixtures to more efficient options. Examples of upgrades that you’d want to try out include the following:

  • Low-Flow Toilet:

    Old toilets use five or more water gallons per flush, which is higher than energy-efficient toilets, which consume around one and a half gallons. There’s an even better version of this upgrade that offers a dual flush function and conserves more water, hence better managing water use. 

Doing such a minor and affordable upgrade can also help you save electrical energy used to propel the flushing unit, therefore lowering electricity bills. With a house that boasts functional, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing plumbing fixtures, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have an easier time selling it in the future.

  • Energy-Efficient Hot Water System:

    If your hot water supply has been in existence for over a year or isn’t functioning well, it’s essential to consider replacing it with a better model. The reason is that the old model often consumes a lot of energy. Consider trying tankless heaters, which supply water when needed rather than storing them in the tank. This will help save more energy, hence lowering energy bills.

Upgrading plumbing fixtures can be a smart investment, as it can increase the sale value of your home and offset the costs of improvements.


Plumbing upgrades are inevitable for any home, especially if you’ve built or bought it a long time ago. They help upgrade your home’s value if you plan to sell it. Some of the ways in which they boost your home’s value include increasing marketability, enhancing efficiency, improving functionality, and making it more appealing. 

Improving the plumbing in a house can be a critical factor for home buyers. A well-maintained plumbing system can ensure a reliable and efficient flow of water and waste removal, contributing to a comfortable and hygienic living environment. 

Ignoring the plumbing aspect when preparing a house for sale can decrease its appeal to potential buyers and negatively impact its market value. To maximize the value of a property, invest in regular maintenance and upgrades to the plumbing system.


Sam Williams 

Sam Williams is a passionate writer and DIY enthusiast who has made a name for himself in the home improvement community. With a background in plumbing and a love for hands-on projects, Sam has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. He shares his expertise and insights through his blog, where he writes about a range of plumbing projects and provides detailed instructions and tips for readers.