Living in a condo has become a popular option nowadays, especially for those opting for an independent life. If you want to live in an urban area, you will find many nice condos. Luxury condos are always available in cities and you will get a lot of them with modern condo designs. 

Whether you rent or buy it, a condo offers a different type of coziness and convenience compared to other houses. This is because you don’t need to walk so much to get around your apartment. You can find a lot of them in cities these days with a nice and comfortable setup. 

Regardless, one very common issue with condominiums is the space they offer. Compared to a house, the condo design especially in cities doesn’t provide enough space. If you don’t have your house well organized, it can look somewhat cramped. Still, this isn’t the end. There are ways you can make your luxury condo look a lot bigger than it is. 

You can always ask for a condominium design firm to offer you expert condo interior design. S3DA design firm has the best professionals to help you with your interior designs. Giving you a modern condo design. 

If you want some DIY condo design tips on how you can maximize your space, we have you covered. Below are some tips that can help you out. 

Top Condo Interior Design Tips to Maximize Your Space

  • Use lighter colors:

When it comes down to colors for your condo, make use of lighter colors instead. Colors can help make your condo seem bigger than it is. One of the life hacks in this area is to make use of lighter colors for your walls. 

Whenever we talk of light colors, white always comes to mind. Still, there are some other colors you can choose from if you don’t fancy white on your walls. Colors like mint green, beige, and some other soft colors. These colors make the room more breathable and feel fresh to the eyes. 

The walls aren’t the only things you should consider but also the color of your furniture. Pick a color that will suit your taste and make your condo look bigger as well. 

  • Keep your Condo Well-Organized:

Regardless of the hacks or tips you’re given, they can only do so much. Much of the task is up to you on how organized your condo is. Throw away any unnecessary items that can clutter your condo. If possible, donate anything you don’t need. 

Your condo might seem small but a little proper organization can help you make the most of your little space. 

  • Mirror Can Work Some Magic:

Mirrors can help make your condo look bigger than it is. It is a huge trick used for condo interior designs. They help create an illusion that there’s much more space in the room. This is all thanks to the reflection of the ceiling, walls, and floor that expands a person’s viewpoint.

Mirror in modern condo

Placing your mirror close to your window makes the room brighter thanks to natural light reflection. There are other ways you can place mirrors in your condo to make your luxury condo look bigger. It’s best you use mirrors with thin or no frames. 

  • Select the Right Decor:

Decorating to your taste is one of the perks of having your apartment. Having limited space in your condo means you have to be extra smart about your decorations. It doesn’t stop you from using large decorations for your condo interior design. You have to place them in strategic areas where they’d fit. 

Make use of vertical spacing in your decorations. Shelves going from floor to ceiling make your room look bigger and serve as storage spaces as well. You can also seek advice from a condominium design firm like S3DA design firm. It’s always best to have an expert opinion even if you are a DIY fan. 

  • Wise Furniture Selection:

We know choosing the right color for your furniture is important but that’s not the only thing you need as regards furniture. The space such furniture will occupy is also as important. Since you wish to maximize space in your condo, foldable chairs and tables sound nice. They also give you a modern condo design. 

Convertible furniture is also a good idea in this case. You can save space after use by storing them. Floating shelves are also a nice option as well. With such items, you can save enough space during the day. 

With more people opting for condos these days, finding such furniture is quite easy. There is a growing market nowadays for furniture that is condo-friendly. You can always check them out. 

Final Thoughts:

The condo remains one of the best spaces to live in. Maximizing your space in your condo is not a hard task. Keep up with the tips above and your luxury condo is in for the best condo design you can imagine. 

You can always reach out to experts for some help and decision-making. A top condominium design firm with excellent professionals will always be ready to help. 

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