The amount of light in a house can influence the mood of the occupants of that house. It is no surprise to see people who live in houses with poor indoor light or dim glare appear to be sad or gloomy most of the time. It is a common practice among people who want to buy or rent a house to check what intensity of natural light penetrates into their house. People who also want to build their houses always want to make sure that there is enough room for natural light to come into space. Natural lights do not only brighten your house, there are certain indoor renovations that you can do that will amplify the light inside the house. If you want your home to beam with lights, here are some things that you can do to increase the indoor light of your house.

1. Light Paint:

You can make your house lighter by painting the walls with soft white paint. Get rid of the dark wallpapers that have been casting a shadow in the house. If you have been using dark paint in the house, you need to change the color of the paint to allow more light into the house. The reason is that dark colors absorb light while light colors reflect light. This means that when light enters the house, if you have dark paint, the paint absorbs the light but light paint will bounce off the light and allow it to shine in the house.

Use satin paint if you want to reflect more light. Also, paint the ceilings to be lighter than the walls; this will help to make the house look wider. You can also use replacement windows and glasses to complement the light paint in the house. The windows and glasses, if properly cleaned, will allow light to enter the apartment. It will also help to make the outdoor of your house more beautiful.

2. Shiny Surfaces:

Another thing that will help you to reflect the light is the surfaces of your household equipment. Use equipment with glossy surfaces so that they can reflect light. For color, it is not compulsory that you use white.  You can choose a pale color like grey or blue but make sure that the color is consistent so that all your surfaces reflect light and make your house bright. From furniture to metals, to glass, and other accessories at home, make sure that your items have reflective surfaces to add more light to your house.

3. Flooring:

The material used to floor your home can also help to add more light. Using carpets will not add more light unless you use neutral colors. Ceramic and stone floors with polished finishing will make an ideal flooring if you want to add more light to your house. You might want to seek the help of remodeling contractors for the best possible result.

4. Plants:

You can add reflective surfaces to your house, use light paints in your house, and still not have enough light in your house. This is because the trees outside your house might be obstructing the reflection of light from the sun. Trim all the plants or flowers around your house that might be blocking light from entering your house.  This helps the light to freely penetrate inside the house.

4. Artificial Light:

It is very possible that light does not get to some part of the house. While other parts of the house look bright, these hidden parts will still look dark. You can use artificial lights to substitute the natural lights in places where natural light does not reach. If you want to use artificial lights, use dimmer switches to control the intensity of the light.  They help the light shines just as bright as the natural lights in the house all the time. The kind of artificial lights that you use will depend on your preference. You can choose from soft, warm, bright, or cool lights. The location where you want to install the light will also determine the kind of artificial light that you will use.

Final word

Adding more lights to your house can help to bring better well-being and make you happier. It can also make space look bigger than it is. Lights make a place look lively and when your house looks lively, your friends and neighbors will be eager to pay you a visit. Follow these steps to draw more lights into your house and see how it will affect you positively.

Author’s Bio

Inna Atwood is an interior designer and a writer. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. She also puts a big effort into working with her clients and tries to help them in the best way she can.”