It is not possible to control the atmosphere in your offices and grocery stores but, your house is another place. You are completely in charge of the living space. It allows you the opportunity to do what you please with the space. Has it occurred to you that the spaces around you will have a huge impact on your wellness and overall health? Here are some ways of creating a tastefully decorated and warm home interior that will have a positive impact on your overall life. Here are some interior design tips that can boost the wellness quotient of yourself and your family.


Try to bring nature inside the house

Consider extending the existing living spaces to outdoors by using large windows that can overlook your garden or develop an inviting balcony space that will incorporate plenty of greenery. Surrounding yourself with all this greenery is a terrific way of adding positive vibes and turning up your happiness quotient. Having natural light can do wonders to the energy level of your house. So, open the windows each morning and allow the sunshine to turn on its magic. Have airy and light drapes for your windows for maximizing the light coming in. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant and it can cleanse the air thereby keeping you healthy.


Use indoor plants for purifying the air

indoor plants for purifying the air

Possibly you are not aware of it but the air within closed confines is many times more polluted than compared to car emissions. But there is an easy solution to this problem. Getting houseplants! There are many amazing indoor houseplants available out there that absorb the toxins in the air and clean all the pollution. You can think about growing aloe within the pots placed on the sunny kitchen windows and keep a snake plant for your bathroom. Money plants look great if used in hanging pots and these pots can be hung anywhere in the house.


Using water filters

Luckily the various water filtration systems available in the market have made access to healthy and safe water extremely cost-effective and simple. There are many water purifying systems available in the market and pretty good ones such as NU Aqua Systems. But, although most of these systems add value in terms of interior design, several homeowners end up being in confusion about selecting the water filter that will be good for them. One of the biggest blunders you can make while picking the water filter is ignoring the space available.


Decluttering the house


Consider all your belongings carefully and become minimalist. Also, get rid of all the clutter that has accumulated over the years. Generally, there is a common belief that broken and unused items are responsible for harboring negative energy. Therefore, deep clean all your wardrobes and try to get rid of the things you do not require anymore. You need to go light on the furniture as well. Rooms having a lot of furniture do not allow a free flow of energy in them. Opt for fewer furniture items that can be beautiful and practical as well. Never go overboard with heavy rugs or pillows.


Make the rooms appear spacious

Make the rooms appear spacious

If the rooms are small and dark you can have properly placed mirrors that will capture light and add character to the space. If you can use creatively angled mirrors, it is possible to highlight the accessories, bounce lights from the room, and reflect the garden in great ways. Try to surround yourself with pieces of artwork, small sculptures, or photos that give you happiness. Raise the positive vibes in the space and elicit happiness from the various artifacts placed in the area around you.


Conclusion on Interior design tips!

When it is time to design your house, all these suggestions can aid you in re-energizing the space, detoxify and relax the surroundings to make sure that your living area is healthy and balanced. So, you may recharge yourself by using carefully considered interiors. Using floor mats or armchairs can just be the idea for a refreshing meditation session. There is also, every possibility of seeing a rippled effect of wellbeing transferred to all other aspects of your life. Between all the stressful schedules you are always going to need some time for relaxing. Check the above interior design tips, and you will see how they help you.

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Inna Atwood is an interior designer and a writer. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. She also puts a big effort into working with her clients and tries to help them in the best way she can.