We all know what trends are and how they shape how we make use of things. The growing fondness and popularity of a certain thing in the environment. A lot of people believe that 2022 was pivotal to multifamily building design trends. A few argue that it has only acted as an accelerant in multifamily design ideas.

This might be true but still, 2023 will hold a lot when it comes to having the best building design trend so far. It’s still going to have the best architectural design to best previous years. This is because, in this post-pandemic era, people need a home to solve many needs. Healthy environment with work-from-home capabilities, sustainable qualities, and unique amenities amongst others.

These spaces and multifamily design ideas need to keep up with the needs and the pace of 2023. Things are coming thick and fast; things are changing and so is desire. To see what’s in store for the incoming year, S3DA has put together some predictions. Thanks to our multifamily building design experts. The aim is to ensure you have one of the best multifamily design ideas.

  • Mixed-Use Buildings:

This always remains one of the top multifamily building designs and will be there come 2023. A type of commercial space that includes both residential and commercial spaces. Vertical and multi-story building is the most common mixed-use buildings. It more often has offices or retail stores on the lower floors and apartments on the higher floors.

Mixed-use buildings is a popular multifamily building design in commercial areas and cities. As time flies, more people have moved into suburban areas. The aim is to abandon the stress of metropolitan cities. With the rise in remote work in recent times, many buildings now have coworking spaces amongst the living and retail areas. Having a residential and commercial space in the same building is more appealing. It is now more attractive to renters now than it was years ago. The same will apply to 2023 also. 

  • Co-Living Spaces:

Co-living is another multi-family building design that is on a rise and will be top in 2023. This involves having many people in one space encouraging occupants to work and live together. This has become a popular design in some expensive urban areas.

These spaces do have a shared living room and kitchen but private bedrooms for residents. Some have bathrooms included in each private bedroom. Others do have shared bathrooms depending on the architectural design. 

  • High-End Classic:

High-end design elements have become increasingly popular of late among millennials. Elements from flooring to furnishing, lighting, and decor. Regardless, the high-end classic is the new secondary focus of this trend. This trend address both the financial and aesthetic concerns. The concerns of the designers and owners of the multifamily setting.

Their furnishing for instance is beautiful but often comes at a high cost. High-end finishes like engineered hardwood flooring have a palette that is a timeless staple. This means improvement is possible with touch-ups and simple accessories. Those with short end dates are not profitable options. Especially for constructions that should last for years. 

  • Visual Finishes:

Neutral finishes and light color tones have become a very popular multifamily building design trend. They always keep flourishing. These tones always go with the idea of stress-free living. Despite the color tone used. For instance, you can create a relaxing environment by pairing your white walls with accents. You can also fill a space with different shades of white and create a nice color scheme.

In neutral color psychology, colors present in nature have a naturally calming feeling. These include colors like tan, pale yellow, soft gray, and the like. People also use light and reflective materials to spice up their multifamily living spaces. This is all in a bid to liven up that space and makes it one of the top multifamily design ideas. 

  • Common Workspaces:

The incorporation of workspaces into a residential setting is now a multifamily design trend. With the increase in remote jobs of late, having a workspace in your residential setting is very appealing. The design gives people access to charge their phones, grant access to WiFi, take calls and use their laptops. Anything to make it comfortable enough for one to work.

Working spaces come in different styles, sizes, and shapes. Depending on the architectural design  of the building. Regardless, it must have the essentials. It also provides rooms that can serve for privacy as well. These rooms are multifunctional and can also serve as a conference room when in need of one.


Many designs would sure flood the minds of designers come 2023. A lot of innovative multifamily design ideas as well. Still, some things will be top trends in the coming year.

Follow up with our list of trends and you are sure to stay in line and look updated in your plans.