Multifamily housing has become a popular option for homeowners looking to build their dream home or expand their current living space. In fact, multifamily house plans are becoming increasingly popular because they offer more space at a lower cost. Multifamily houses are typically built from two to four units per building. They usually consist of three bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, laundry area, and sometimes even a garage. These houses are great options for families who want to live together without paying rent every month.

There are several types of multi

family house plans available. This article will cover two main areas under the multifamily house plans:

  • How multifamily house plans are categorized and their differences
  • How many multifamily house plans there are, and the most popular one

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How MultiFamily House Plans Are Categorized And Their Differences

Multifamily house plans can be categorized into different groups depending on how large the house plan is, its features, and whether the owner wants it to serve as an apartment or condo. The category you end up in depends on where your home falls in these criteria: size, number of spaces, and intended use.


You might think that the larger the plan, the better – but this isn’t necessarily true. Multifamily house plans come in all sizes, including small (one-bedroom), medium (two-bedroom), and large (four-or-more bedroom). Of course, the bigger the size, the higher it costs, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with the most extensive house plan.

You’ll just have to weigh your needs and budget against the size of your property. Smaller house plans tend to be less expensive than big ones and make sense if you’re a first-time homeowner or need a quick fix.

On the other hand, when you have the means and don’t mind a bigger plan, you’re free to choose whatever you like. Detailed house designs generally contain more rooms and amenities than smaller ones, so they may appeal to you if you have kids or animals. It also means more square footage for entertaining or hosting parties.

Number of Spaces

The number of spaces you have in your home will also determine what type of plan you should pick out. There are two basic types of multifamily house Plans: duplexes and triplexes. A duplex consists of two separate, independent structures connected by joint walls, while a triplex consists of three different house structures connected by common walls. Most multifamily house plans also include a combination of duplex and triplex designs.

Intended Use

If you know precisely how many occupants you may have in your unit, choose a plan based on that information. For example, if you anticipate having a family of two adults and two children, you probably would not select a house plan designed for six or seven people.

How Many Multifamily House Plans Are There And The Most Popular Ones

Several multifamily house plans are available depending on the style, price range, and intended use. Here are some of the most popular types:

1. Two Bedroom Duplexes


A two-bedroom duplex is perfect if you’d like to live off-campus at a reasonable cost. With fewer bedrooms than a four-bedroom townhome, however, you lose flexibility. As a result, these houses are usually rented by students, retirees, professionals, and working families seeking affordability over luxury.

2. Three Bedrooms Triplexes

Three Bedroom Triplexes

As the name suggests, three-bedroom triplexes consist of three-bedroom units attached together. These are typically used as student housing because they allow 18 students per apartment. Triplexes are also good options for parents who wish to move to a community near a university for better schooling without sacrificing convenience.

3. Four Bedroom Apartments

MultiFamily House Plans - Four Bedroom Apartments

This option is great if you’re interested in getting a little bit of extra space in which to spread out. Since apartments usually come equipped with one to five bedrooms, you can select the best-suited option to fit your needs. Four bedrooms give you breathing room to host functions and gatherings with ease. Also, if you have a pet, these units might even work for you!

4. Penthouse Suites

Penthouse Suites

Penthouse suites are similar to townhomes.  Each penthouse suite includes a private entrance, kitchenette, and bathroom. Although penthouse suites seem luxurious, they also provide a more comfortable living experience. However, unlike townhomes, you can usually find them in larger cities where supply outweighs demand.

5. High-rise Housing

High-rises (also known as tower houses) are a unique form of multifamily housing. Designed mainly for senior citizens, these apartments often feature amenities such as a swimming pool, sauna, gym, library, and dining area – making them ideal for those who prefer a quiet life. They are also excellent options for professionals, as high-rises offer unmatched privacy and security. Of course, high-rise rentals are much pricier than other types of multifamily house plans.


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