There are over 125 million residential apartments in the US. You can imagine the variety available. With much diversity comes an overwhelming dilemma. Different regions in the US have different preferred styles. This post is a tour of the different home architectural styles preferred in the different states.

An Introduction to Modern Home Architectural Styles

When people set out to buy a home, they usually go through several emotions- melancholy and nostalgia being more prominent. Before a new house is bought, factors like price, the location, how big or spacious it is, the schools around, etc. Of these factors, it is unarguable that one of the most important factors considered is the architectural style.

We have classic styles, ranch style, contemporary styles, or even French-styled homes. It is expected that you’ll have different styles in mind and you’ll want to see what people in other regions find attractive. Here are some of the most popular architectural styles by region.

In the Northeast

People in this region predominantly prefer the Colonial style and it is believed that this stems from the country’s first settlement. Another popular architectural style is the Ranch styles. This style became more popular shortly after the industrial revolution.

The Country Style

The colonists in the eighteenth century inspired this style. It usually features wide porches and well-spaced windows. It also has wood accents, giving it a unique, personalized feel. This style is renowned in the Norman Rockwell paintings and the feeling of nostalgia it gives can also be considered as part of the reasons for its popularity.

Home architectural styles - Country Style

Ranch/Rambler Style

Seeing buildings built in the form of an L or a U shape brings back that old feeling. This architectural style first became popular in the 1950s and now, the term just resurfaces whenever a single-story home is remembered. It also has that long and flat look from any angle.

Architectural style - ranch rambler Style

Cottage Style

This style dates back to 1920 and it is a more compact and petite design compared to the recent designs we’re more familiar with. One notable feature is the oversized front porch and the build-in display areas. Also, it is not unusual to see painted woodwork and a second story that replaces the attic. You might find this design irresistible, well, many people do too.

Architectural style - Cottage Style house

The Midwest

The Midwest sees more homes bearing the craftsman and Ranch styles. Although, places like Michigan and Ohio see many colonial homes too because of how close these states are to the Northeast. Prefab homes are also very much popular.

Architectural style - Midwest Style house

Craftsman Style

These are large and they leverage stone and wood. Generally, according to, it is reported that this style is the most popular on the market. They are known to blend nature and bespoke construction services.

Architectural style - Craftsman Style house CA-US

Farmhouse Style

This farmhouse style is found all over the country, built on rectangular foundations. These houses also have additional rooms added on both sides of the home. It features very simple designs, narrow lines, and large porches. They just have a way of appealing to the rustic side of homeowners.

Architectural style - Farmhouse Style house

Prefab Styles

This style emerged around the same time that the ranch-style also surfaced. Usually, this style features a sharp, sleek, and a minimalist style. It blends well and matches the expectations of the conventional tech-savvy client we have today. Also, since it is prefab, a significant portion of the home is made offsite and it is transported gradually.

Architectural style - modern-prefab Style house

It is then assembled very quickly and materials of utmost quality are used. Marble, wood, stone, etc. are leveraged to make give the home a tidy, serene atmosphere.

The South

In the south, we have a myriad of styles that homeowners prefer. Texas and Oklahoma residents are known to prefer traditional and modern-styled home. Other people prefer the wide-open layout of the rambler. Georgia also has a predilection for the European home architectural style.

Southern Style

You know how hot and humid the climate can be? This is what influenced the southern style. It has large operable shutters, wide roof overhangs, a porch, and a chair that rocks. The aesthetics of the home remains for generations.

Traditional Style

This style is more of a motley. It was popularized by the suburban demographic of America and it is believed that they got inspiration from the Colonial, Craftsman, and ranch style homes.

Architectural style - Traditional Style house

European Styles

France, Italy, and England are major influencers and they brought about this style of homes. This home architectural style is such that there’s no expense spared. It is constructed to be rugged and durable and they can last for years to come. Plaster walls, marble floors, and large fireplaces are regular features of this home.

The exterior also boasts a synergy of wood, stone, and plaster. The designers leave no stone unturned when they are coming up with the design. You will also see the complex rooflines that feature both shingles and copper.

Architectural style - European Style house

The West

The climate here is constant, the landscapes are open, and the culture is reserved. You can expect the homes to follow suit. Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Washington all embrace the Ranch outlook. California and Hawaii tend to adopt the modern look.

Mediterranean Style

This borrows a leaf from Spain, France, and Italy. Wooden beams, tiled roofs, and plaster walls characterize these houses. It is also not unusual to see the house extend with verandas.

Home architectural style - Mediterranean Style house