Majority of homes built both today and in the past have two-story plans, as this provides a traditional layout with bedrooms on the second floor and living space below. A two-story residential house plan is less expensive to build because it’s usually cheaper to build up than out. Two-story residential homes can be easier to place on your lot and still give you the design features you want in your new home.
Here at S3DA Design, we provided a full set of construction packages including structural design, calculations, and MEP layouts. The house will be built by local contractors. All specifications and variables of the structural drawings of the project were provided by the client and everything was done following his full instructions and references.
We worked on a design for one of our respectable clients in Florida, USA; the initial structure is a concrete slab for the 1st floor followed by a 24″ truss floor system for the upper story, the foundation is reinforced concrete which is Strip, Spread & Combined on-site. The 1st and 2nd story walls are ICF reinforced concrete which is all W/Hardie shake finish. A Rib Panel Metal Conventional Roof is being used for the roofing.
All drawings, structural designs, and related details where prepared two months ahead of time, the two-story residential house includes:
Six Bedrooms
Four Bathroom
One Garage
One Living Room
One Dining Room


  Brad Layland




  Florida- USA