Those that are renovating period homes will often want to turn back time and restore original features which can improve the look and feel of the property and create an interesting focal point, but this is not an easy task because they can be challenging to restore but you also need to provide important upgrades and maintenance to protect the property and preserve it for the future.

Obtaining Consent

First, it is important that you obtain consent if you are working on a listed building. Any work that affects the character of a listed building will require listed building consent so it is always important to check so that you can make sure that everything is above board.

Be Realistic About Cost

You also need to be aware that it will cost a lot more to restore period homes and this is because you will not be able to use cheaper and more modern materials. You need to use the same materials that are used on the original feature, such as the use of lime mortars and plasters that allow the building to breathe and let moisture evaporate. In some cases, the cost of repair work will not make any sense from a practical point of view in which case you should discuss a suitable matching replacement.

Understand Original Design Philosophy

Before you get to work on restoring period features, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the original design philosophy so that you are able to draw on inspiration, preserve the feature and enhance the property all without compromising the architectural integrity. In addition to the house itself, this might also involve looking at other neighboring properties to get a feel for what the area used to look like.

Go Slowly

When you get to work on restoring original features whether this is a floor, fireplace or window, you need to always go slowly as these older features are often delicate and fragile and you could end up creating damage. You also need to avoid over-repairing and keep in mind that signs of age are what give original features their charm and visual appeal. Additionally, when cleaning makes sure that you are not using cleaning materials that will damage the material.

Use the Right Tools & Seek Professional Help

It is always important to use high-quality tools and the right item for the job, but especially for what can be delicate and precise work like period piece renovation. Places like SGS will carry a wide range of tools suitable for the task at hand, plus you might also find that you can find helpful advice which will help you to carry out the work with confidence. If you are ever unsure when it does to restoring original features, you should always ask for assistance from experts who will be able to help.

Keep these tips in mind when restoring old features if you are renovating a historic building and it should help you to recapture the property’s past while preserving it for the future.