Home renovation can be an expensive experience but it does not mean that you can’t save money. With proper management and organization, you can easily stay on your budget. Here we have 8 ways to help you save money.

The beginning

The only reason behind starting a home renovation project is that it should add value to your house. It is a reasonable choice if you are planning to make some profit by selling your home.

Consult a real estate agent and know what the customers are looking for in their house. Meet an architect to find out if you can introduce these changes in your home or not. you should ask him if the appearance of the house can be improved without changing the square footage. It is easy to create a better flow by moving the internal walls and doors. Some simple ways to add more space to your interior are.

  • Enlarge your kitchen

  • Have a dining room area

  • En-suite bathrooms

  • Create extra bedrooms

  • Expand the loft

  • If you have teenagers you can add a media room in the house.

Proper planning for a successful home renovation

It is important that you plan the renovation properly. It will help you to set a budget according to the requirements. You can easily get an estimate regarding every new addition you are planning to have in your house. You should know whether most of your budget will go to the internal fixtures, structural renovations or fittings.

Home renovation - proper planning

Consult a home renovation and remodeling expert if you are planning to make some huge changes. He will provide you the best guidance and so you will not underestimate the cost of work. You will not have to deal with the complications that come with groundwork or plumbing. You have to consider the rental costs of keeping your furniture in a store during a house renovation. You have to stick to your budget while dealing with internal fixtures. Shop around and look for the most affordable and quality products if you are on a tight budget. There are several online platforms where you can compare the costs and select the products that meet your requirements in the best way. Make sure that your new internal fixtures look appealing if you have to sell the house.

Select the architect wisely

You will need the services of an architect at some point during the renovation. Select the person who is able to deal with the project that you are planning. The experts will know the strategies to construct the look you want at an affordable rate. You have to conduct complete research on what the architect’s fee covers like

hiring the architect for home renovation

  • Will you get the assistance of the architect to gain the approval of your plan?
  • The sets of designs that are included in the fee
  • Will the architect be your project manager?

It will be a better option to make your architect the project manager if you have a huge project with some extensive work. They have more understand and experience how to manage a budget, leads times and overall look of the buildings. They will help you to avoid all the costly mistakes.

Getting quotes before starting a home renovation project

Before you obtain building quotes, you will need a set of drawings to get accurate costs. Aim to get at least three different quotes for comparison. Quotations can vary widely, so read them carefully, know exactly what is included, and always ask questions. You may be able to negotiate on cost, but you should know that this will often lead to some aspects being left out, so carefully check the small print.

Obtaining quotes - Home renovation

Wherever it is possible, use one main contractor to carry out building work, including drainage and windows/doors. At some points, they may sub-contract some of this work, but will ultimately be responsible for making sure the appropriate materials arrive at the right time and in the correct order.

Don’t forget the details

When work has begun with your chosen contractor, ensure your design spec is as detailed as possible to avoid hidden costs. Once on-site, unexpected problems with plumbing, roofing or drainage may prove to be expensive and cause delays. Take some time to mentally walk through this new space, checking that light switches, plug sockets, storage cupboards, and windows are located exactly where meant for them to be.

it’s time to manage your time in the home renovation project

You and your contractor should agree on a workable timescale. Try to have regular meetings and always ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Make sure all items you are responsible for providing arrive on time. Your contractor may not like waiting and you can waste time and money if you’re not properly organized.

manage your time - Home renovation

Track of Budget and Expense:

If you choose to hire a project manager or do the project yourself, it is important that once you start, you only make very little changes to avoid extra costs. Put a price against the building work, plumbing, electric, furniture, and appliances, etc., and keep running a check to stay on track and don’t run short of money before the project is finished. Whether you choose to use a project manager or run the project yourself, it is an import that once you start, you keep changes to a minimum to avoid extra costs. Put a figure against building work, plumbing, electrics, furniture, and appliances, etc., and keep a running tally so you can stay on track and don’t run out of money before the job is finished. Craft in a contingency of around 10 percent in case of unforeseen additional costs.

Do it yourself

You can always do some of the finishing touches yourself. It can be small tasks such as decorating, sanding floors and upcycling some furniture. You can buy small, inexpensive tools like sanders to save money. You can also check excellent sander articles on Bob Smith Tools. If you’re fairly good with a needle and thread, you can also try making your own curtains, blinds or cushions.

But then, if you’re not experienced at DIY, you should probably leave the plumbing, electrics and window fitting to the professionals. Also, never try to knock down an internal wall until you verify that it is not structural and supporting the house.

If you are planning to start a home renovation project, we would be delighted to assist you in the design and calculation &… All you have to do is to contact us and we will take it up from there.