These days, Pre-Drawn, or stock, ready-made house plans have become more popular among homeowners. A new home is an essential point for many families as it will be the place their children will grow up. So it should be comfortable, spacious, aesthetic, and full of life and joy. So, all start with the perfect home design.

Traditionally, the customers buy a home and do some remodeling or renovations to make it fit within their expectations or at least close to it. Some others decide to build up their customized home as they desire rather than buying a home. There is nothing wrong with these two options while you show your creativity. Of course, building up or buying a new home is possibly one of the most exciting, sensitive, and satisfying endeavors you might experience. So, it is quite understandable that it would be an important decision for anyone. However, the customers start to purchase the property looking for renovation. Soon, they will realize that they should hire either a house designer or architect to develop a house design from scratch. The budget issues crop up shortly and the homeowner has to shut down many ideas and desires in order to cut down the costs.

Why House Plans

But, there is another option: pre-drawn house plans. A truly custom-designed home can take up to ten times longer compared with pre-drawn home plans. It can also cost up to 7-10% of the total construction cost of a home.

Building a new home is not a small feat. Actually, there are many options coming up on how to choose your house or how it should look like.

It is a common misconception among homeowners imaging they will be living in a carbon-copy home if a pre-drawn house plan is used. But there are three reasons you should consider this option.

Home Plans - Left elevation

Pre-Drawn House plans are less expensive and save time

To design a home from scratch requires a lot of effort, both from the Engineering firm and the customer, many back and forth, takes a considerable amount of time, and at the end, it becomes too costly. However, purchasing ready-to-make plans and having a house built to those specifications requires far fewer costs and time.

It has shown that there is not a big difference between purchasing Architectural firms’ pre-designed house plans and hiring a designer to develop a tailored house plan. Both are qualified architectural plans.

Home Plans - Front elevation

Variety of Pre-Designed House plans to choose from

There are a variety of impressive pre-drawn home plans to choose from. These plans give the homeowner the potentiality to find the right desired home plans, which include the most updated room dimensions, layouts, and amenities. One of the most common misconceptions about pre-designed house plans among new homeowners is that purchasing them will not make the house standing out from the others and will not be characteristical. That’s far from the truth. The pre-designed house plans are thousands available to choose from. They come in just about every architectural style, type, layout, and design you can imagine. You can find Craftsman, Ranch, Traditional, Contemporary, Bungalow, and more, in single or two-story.

Furthermore, the good news is that these plans have already received approval from the city or county and the homeowner will save time and a huge amount of money to pass the city approval.

Advantage of the Home Plans

 Pre-Drawn House Plans can be customized

The customers may not find an ideal home plan. However, once they find a pre-drawn house plan that is close to their expectations, they can customize it to fall within almost any of their requirements. The customer might look for redesign or reconfigure the kitchen or bathroom. Such requirements are normally minor changes that can give the house a nicer touch. Even if the customer is looking for remodeling the interior room layout, it is feasible and takes less time than going through the process of designing a custom home.

In any case, our design/engineering team is capable to get the homeowner’s requirements. They can also modify the plans while taking structural integrity into considerations.

House Plans - First Floor plan

 S3DA-Design’s Exclusive Services

Clearly, these Pre-drawn, or stock home plans, just as the name implies, are ready-to-made plans so you can visualize the model.

What makes our services distinguished from other Architectural Firms is that the home plans we provide have already received approval.  Also, we provide the structural drawings and MEP layout for that specific chosen pre-drawn house plan. These plans are all in one full package ready for submission to the city, quite confident to get approval. In case of modifications, we will modify the structural drawings as well. Yet, we deliver a full set of drawings for city submittal. Noteworthy, our in-house professional design/engineering team prepares these pre-designed home plans. Our team has years of experience in helping people pass the permit process in residential and commercial projects.

Here are just some of the advantages of purchasing pre-drawn house plans:

  • Pre-drawn house plans are significantly less expensive. You can purchase a pre-drawn home plan, make significant modifications to it, and still have meaningful savings.
  • Pre-drawn house plans will save you potentially hundreds of design-related time (and the cost associated with them).
  • You have various pre-drawn house plans to choose from.
  • Families can still get exactly what they want in their homes.

Obviously, building with a pre-drawn house plan is more beneficial in most cases compared to starting from scratch. It is possible to modify Pre-drawn plans and yet, help the customer to stay within budget and save time.