In the construction industry, mechanical drawings are very important. It helps communicate the philosophies and views of the designer to the workers on site, especially during a mechanical design process. There are some drawings used during construction. They include electrical, architectural, finishing, structural, and plumbing drawings. Mechanical engineering drawings are also part of them. 

MEP drawing in construction is vital. The blueprints give the layout details and details for every building. It shows what the outside and inside of the project should look like. Provides the exact measurement as well as other related and important information. 

About Mechanical Drawing

Mechanical drawings are some kind of technical drawings. They display information on the mechanical systems. A typical example is the HVAC system. In most cases, it combines with the MEP drawing in construction. 

The main job of mechanical drawing is to identify geometric features. The features of each machine component with accuracy. It includes different orthographic views to pass all product information to the manufacturers. 

Mechanical drawings are often hand-made. Using tools like the compass and other drafting instruments. Technological advancements have brought in new developments. Examples are the introduction of mechanical drawing software. It helps make the mechanical design process a lot easier. 

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Application of Drawings in Construction Documentation

All necessary building systems cannot be in a single drawing. It will make the drawing look cluttered and harder to read. 

We can use an office for instance. There are some systems above the dropped ceiling. Like the electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, communication network, and air conditioning ducts. The best strategy is producing distinct drawing sets for each system. 

Using such distinct drawings helps a lot. It reduces any chance of misinterpretation. It also brings clarity to the design and other requirements. 

Construction plans are often broken down into drawing sets. This makes them pretty easy to understand. 

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Here are examples of how construction plans are broken down;

Electrical Drawings.

Mechanical Drawings.

Structural Drawings.

Architectural Drawings.

Before obtaining a building permit, the local authority must have all designs. This is for the review of zoning regulations and code compliance. 

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A construction project is a very complex process. It involves some activities. Mechanical engineering drawings are one of the most crucial documents. They help you understand the various works in the project. 

Mechanical engineering drawings are suitable for both construction and design tasks. They help with vital information. Information about required equipment for the project and materials. They also include the size and length of each material among others.


Not All Drawings Are Suited to Designs


You can sometimes find yourself in a situation where you need to draw a design. You may have little or no experience and no tools. In this case, you can create your drawing using some pencils and paper. 

This method is suitable for small projects like home decorations and designing furniture. It does take several hours to finish. As such, it’s best to be done if you have enough time.


Construction drawings are very crucial in the life cycle of any building. Mechanical drawings are also important as well. They give room for effective communication of the rules of each project. Including technical specifications, making it easier for the contractors and other staff. 

The design documents and mechanical drawings are still important after completion. You can use them to inspect the installations and the entire buildings. 

They also come in handy when the building is in the whole operation. They are useful for system upgrades and maintenance. You need to ensure you update each drawing after every change. 

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